An independent, expert insurance intermediation company, focused in servicing insurance needs on a global scale.


GLOBASSURE S.M.P.C. is an insurance intermediation company specializing in international healthcare & travel insurance. As an expert partner of global providers such as AXA Global Healthcare, BUPA, CIGNA, AETNA and many more, we successfully manage the insurance plans of more than 2.000 members around the world. We take pride in our services and we are committed in delivering personalized, responsible and professional support to our customers, in a modern and innovative way.

The owners’ family tradition of more than 100 years of experience in the international insurance market combined with a fresh, start-up approach to the medical & travel segment, have given birth to GLOBASSURE, an independent, specialized company, based in the E.U., focused in servicing insurance needs on a global scale.

Why Globassure?


Given our vast experience in the international healthcare & travel insurance market, GLOBASSURE has accumulated the know-how required to address your specific needs. We communicate in detail the advantages and shortcomings of every option available, thus creating an added value for you.


Your interests are represented in a much safer way through the cooperation with GLOBASSURE. The volume of our clientele, combined with our experience, creates an increased negotiation power that is shared with our members and results in a win-win scenario.


We will offer you all alternative solutions and competitive quotes from our partners’ plans, according to your specific family or corporate needs. This guarantees that you will always enjoy everything the market has to offer, without time wasted researching on your own. Also, in case you want to switch to another provider, we will make sure that the terms presented, are the best available.

Our Vision

We are envisioning GLOBASSURE evolving into one of the largest and most productive intermediaries in the world in the niche market of international healthcare & travel insurance. We are envisioning GLOBASSURE as a profitable, dynamically growing model company, based on innovation, professionalism, consistency, ethos and social responsibility, advancing along with its customers, its partners, its employees, its owners and the society.

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