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Business travel might be apealing to most people not travelling often, however, one might easilly paint a picture which is not that attractive, beyond the fancy suits & ties, five star hotels, exotic restaurant dinners and luxury limos. Scheduled meetings, presentations, client & partner visits, staying up late, stuck in traffic or in an airport lounge, all while coordinating with the everyday business administration requirements back home is not exactly fun.

On top of that, Business travel is often a big investment for companies – the company representative is expected to deliver the appropriate return on the trip budget, one way of the other, rain or shine. It is exacty why business travellers require the best available treatment in case an accident occurs or if there is a sudden unforeseen health deterioration. The business traveler does not need to care about hospitals, doctors and bills; this is the responsibility of the HR department and the company. The basic priority is to have the rep on his/her feet and have him home with his family by Friday evening.

This is exacty what proper business travel insurance offers to companies and its travellers: a means to handle and control any medical emergency that might arise, without adding more costs to the company budget or another source of concern for the employee.  


Business Travel Options

BUPA Business Travel Options is a plan designed for the travel insurance needs of corporations across the world. The aim of Business Travel Options is to give you peace of mind

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