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Hazardous Professions

Are you a police officer or a firefighter?

Are you involved with hazardous waste collection?

Do you work in iron & steel manufacturing or leather tanning?

Then your are surely aware of the risks you face every day from your work environment.

Even if you are not in one of the above professions, or you have not been ever denied of proper medical insurance because of your work, you would not believe how many professions are included in the hazardous professions list: Nursing care, ambulance services, construction & roofing workers, veterinaries & pet store workers, commercial fishing, even ski instructors are all considered as high risk professions, to name a few.

Our medical & travel insurance solutions provide you with proper coverage, regardless of the professional risk of your daily routine.


International Health and Hospital Plan

The International Health Plans of BUPA are generally addressed to internationally mobile individuals and families. With these plans, you and your family can get access to the treatment you need qui

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