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Leisure travelers just love travelling. They travel as a life purpose, as the new travel experiences makes them feel alive and complete. Leisure travelers are always looking for ways to improve their travel experience. Equipped with the mindset of having a great vacation experience, they are often planning trips to the most exotic and distant locations.

Moreover, unlike business travelers who generally spend more on their travels, leisure travelers tend to be more price sensitive than their business counterparts, making a greater effort to find the best possible deal for their stay.

Thus, it is crucial for anyone travelling for leisure to have peace of mind, in case an accident occurs or if there is a sudden unforeseen health deterioration. The proper travel insurance plans, at an affordable price, will accommodate direct settlement of bills, especially in countries that do not pride themselves for their public healthcare system, or even arrange for a medical evacuation or repatriation to your home country.


Worldwide Travel Options

BUPA Travel Options is a plan designed for the travel insurance needs of individuals & families across the world. The aim of BUPA’s Travel Options is to give you peace of mi

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