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For over 15 years, ALC Health has been protecting the health of individuals, their families and international companies from across the world with a range of flexible and innovative international health insurance plans that reflect the lifestyle of today's expatriate international traveler and global citizen.  With many advisors having been expatriates themselves, they really do understand what it's like to be living far away from home or in a country where healthcare treatment may not always be readily accessible.  ALC Health appreciates how important it is to have complete confidence in the medical treatment that you choose, should you need to call upon it in the future. They also realize that no two individuals or organizations are the same, which is why they take a more personal approach for each and every one of their clients. ALC Health reflects the diversity and uniqueness of its clients, combining a wide range of language skills with an extensive knowledge of regional cultures and the protection the clients deserve. The highly skilled claims team has handled cases in over 140 countries during the last decade.  ALC’s aim is, to ensure you experience a more dependable and accessible service that utilizes the most of their local knowledge and global support expertise.

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