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When it comes to being well - physically, financially, emotionally – Cigna is with you all the way. Cigna doesn’t just want you to feel better. Cigna wants you to stay that way. Cigna Global plans provide peace of mind for customers in over 200 countries worldwide. Maybe you’re living away from home and need someone who’s got your back. Or maybe you want to see a doctor you can count on who is based in another country. Whatever your circumstances, Cigna Global plans are here to see you through the good times, as well as the crunch times. Why choose Cigna Global? Customers choose Cigna because it gives them all of the following: Access to a network of trusted hospitals, physicians and other healthcare professionals. The flexibility to tailor a cost-effective plan to suit their individual needs is an added bonus. The customer care team is always at the other end of the line. Why you may need Cigna? There are lots of different reasons you might need a Cigna Global plan. Here are a few: The quality of your local country’s healthcare system does not meet your standards or needs. Or, even if you are to find good quality local healthcare, it’s too expensive. You find the local healthcare system confusing or a struggle due to language or cultural barriers. Your country of residence requires you to have international private medical insurance. Today, Cigna, has 86 million customer relationships in over 200 countries and jurisdictions. Looking after them is an international workforce of 37,000 people, plus a medical network comprising of over 1 million partnerships, including 89,000 behavioral health care professionals, and 11,400 facilities and clinics.

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Creating a comprehensive, tailored plan with CIGNA is simple. It’s flexible, so you can choose and pay for only the cover you need. CIGNA’s plans comprise of three levels of cover: Silver, Gold and

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