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Clements Worldwide is the leading provider of insurance solutions for expatriates and international organizations. Founded in 1947, Clements offers worldwide car, property, life and health, specialty and high-risk insurance to clients in more than 170 countries. Their dedicated staffs in Washington, DC, London, and Dubai are committed to providing superior customer service and claims response. Company History: In 1947, Robert Clements and M. Juanita Guess-Clements founded a domestic insurance business. While she and her husband managed Clements & Company, Guess also worked at the U.S. State Department. One day, she referred her husband to a colleague who needed life insurance and happened to manage the U.S. State Department's claims office. After purchasing a policy from Clements, the happy client remarked, "If only you could help me with all this!" as he pointed to the insurmountable pile of claims in his office submitted by U.S. Foreign Service officers. At the time, not a single company provided international personal insurance products and Clements immediately realized the potential. The Washington, DC-based firm's proximity to the U.S. State Department and Foreign Service headquarters positioned Clements to quickly become the preferred provider of personal property and auto insurance to government personnel living and working abroad. In the late 1970s, under Guess' direction, the company began addressing the needs of expatriate clients outside the Foreign Service. By 1981, when the founders' son, Jon B. Clements, joined the firm, Clements had become a thriving agency. To reflect its growth as a global brand, the company changed its name to Clements International in 2001. In 2011, the company underwent a brand transformation and became Clements Worldwide to better reflect its organizational and strategic goals. Today, Jon is CEO and Chairman of Clements Worldwide, and with the support of his leadership team, he continues to guide the company with the same entrepreneurial spirit of his beloved parents.

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