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At HealthCare International, they recognize that individuals and families are becoming increasingly mobile internationally, whether because of a temporary relocation through work or a permanent lifestyle change. These expats may find that public health services in their new location are limited. The foreign health care that is available may not be of the same quality as the services they were used to. When you or your family need worldwide medical care while you are away from your home country, the last thing you want is to find that it is costly and difficult to arrange, particularly in an emergency. That’s why having the right international medical and life insurance cover is more important than ever. At HealthCare International, their focus is ensuring you receive the right medical care at the right time and that your family will be provided for – wherever in the world you may be living or working. HealthCare International is an independent international private medical insurance company that specializes in delivering global medical, life and income insurance solutions for expatriates for more than 35 years. HealthCare International flexible plans are designed to meet the needs of any individual or corporate clients and give them access to the highest quality health care and medical support around the world. For added assurance, HealthCare International insurance protection products are underwritten by some of the largest and most financially secure insurance companies in the world.  At HealthCare International, they believe in putting your health needs first, so whether you are contacting us for the first time, need help with completing an application or claim forms or are going through complex medical treatments, the HealthCare International team is here to help.

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