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Choosing the expat life takes imagination. Securing the lifestyle takes a plan. One that means you’ll never have to let the unexpected stop you from following your dream. You know that the expat journey follows the road less taken. But it’s a path you need not take alone. Our customers trust us to deliver straightforward and affordable plans, covering their health, life, and income, wherever they are. William Russell is your partner for international insurance. We started out in 1992 as a family-run business, and we now have customers like you in more than 160 countries worldwide. We offer a range of plans that you can take with you as you move, renewing easily each year. What sets us apart is our personal touch. We believe in named advisers not impersonal call centres, and straight, honest communication rather than pages of small print. We are a boutique insurance provider, fully independent, and free from the demands of shareholders or investors. Our only obligation is to you. We know your challenges, understand your needs, and share your vision. To find out more about William Russell and our range of plans, visit our website or speak to a member of our professional UK-based team.

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