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Integra Consultancy Services (ICS) was founded in 1997 by Christian Henry (CEO) in Luxembourg. The company is located in the heart of Luxembourg City, the second center of world investment after the United States. In 2005, the company developed a specific product for crew members who do not own a social security system or complementary under the name of WYCC (Worldwide Crew Cover). WYCC Insurance has brought about a significant add to the maritime sector through an exclusive and extensive range of services to crew members. Since the launch of WYCC Insurance, the company has grown and developed its services and partnerships with insurance companies and medical network in order to provide the best support to their international clients. As a company with values that guide the decision making, WYCC Insurance’s mission is to arrange and provide insurance plans that meet the needs of employers and employees (ship-owners, managers, seafarers, and seaman). They are looking after the wellbeing of crew members by providing a healthcare plan that covers the fees and charges in case of accident or disease. It supports the crew members in their retirement, or immediate medical evacuation, and other interesting benefits. Recognizing the benefits that the clients may need is very important part in their mission and strategy. WYCC takes care of employees in the yachting, commercial shipping and Oil & Gas industry. It provides cover for crew members who do not own a social security system, and offers the best comprehensive services for groups and individual employee benefits’. It is based on ILO standards and MLC conventions in order to meet the needs of staff and ship-owners with a wide variety of plans and products.

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