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International Healthcare & Travel Plans

Towards the end of the 20th century, globalization and the booming of international trade, combined with the sharp drop of the cost of international travel created a new global market of specialized professionals, a new global middle class. According to the UN statistics, more than 232 million people, or 3,2% of the global population, have left their country of citizenship to live in another country.

As a result, given that each country has its own public healthcare system in place – often with services of questionable quality- and private healthcare services, these specialized professionals and their families could not sustain their living standards as far as their healthcare coverage and medical expenses were concerned.

At the same time, the evolution of medicine, the creation of new drugs and medical technologies, the high specialization of hospitals and doctors worldwide, created an elite of healthcare professionals and providers, which was accessible only to customers with considerable incomes.

The creation of the international healthcare & travel insurance plans was the response to this development, as it provided a solution for continuous global cover and service, without access restrictions, regardless of the country of residence or the travel destination.

These are the insurance providers that responded to these massive global challenges - our partners:

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