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Crystal Studies

APRIL’s Crystal Studies is an insurance solution designed for students and schoolchildren living abroad for up to 12 months for the purposes of travel, language training, au pair placements, internships or studies.

Crystal Studies is especially designed for these needs, a complete medical & assistance plan for part-time living internationally, providing peace of mind through comprehensive coverage. It covers in- & out-patient expenses in both the host and origin countries, provides assistance for medical evacuation and repatriation, as well as for legal matters, protects from any personal liability claims and financially manages most travel risks.

Also, for members who are citizens of a EU country, APRIL offers the option to purchase Crystal Studies as a top-up to the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), reducing greatly the cost of insurance.

Plan Summary

Plan / Benefit Amounts Notes

Medical Expenses


In- & out-patient

Repatriation Assistance


Legal Assistance


Personal Liability



Bodily injury

Material and consequential damage

Personal Accident



Accidental death

Accidental disability

Baggage Cover  


Delayed Departure


Key Value Points

Cover valid in all countries visited and during short return visits to your country of nationality
Meets requirements for the major international universities and visa authorities
Cooperation with AETNA & CVS in the USA
No waiting period
Low-risk sporting activities covered (amateur)
Easy caim application


Table of Benefits 2017-2018 Terms & Conditions 2017-2018 Crystal Studies Product Information

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