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International Health and Hospital Plan

The International Health Plans of BUPA are generally addressed to internationally mobile individuals and families. With these plans, you and your family can get access to the treatment you need quickly, no matter where you are in the world.

BUPA’s International Health and Hospital Plan gives you flexibility to create your own affordable insurance plan coupled with the freedom to receive treatment anywhere in the world. International Health and Hospital Plan offers global coverage and gives you access to recognized hospitals, doctors and physicians - anywhere, anytime.

Hospital Plan is the core module of the insurance plan. You can then add any number of four healthcare modules and/or one of the many deductible options to create the combination that works for you. The available modules are:

  • Module 1 - Non-Hospitalization Benefits
  • Module 2 - Medicine and Appliances
  • Module 3 - Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
  • Modules 4A and 4B - Dental and Optical

Plan Summary

Plan / Benefit Amounts Notes

Hospital Plan

EUR 1,650,000 / GBP 1,350,000 / USD 2,000,000


Module 1

EUR 35,000 / GBP 25,000 / USD 35,000

EUR 540 / GBP 480 / USD 600

Outpatient Non-Hospitalization Benefits

Medical Check-Up

Module 2

EUR 2,700 / GBP 1,800 / USD 3,000

Outpatient Medicine and Appliances

Module 3


Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

Module 4A

EUR 5,000 / GBP 3,500 / USD 5,000

Dental and Optical

Module 4B

EUR 7,500 / GBP 5,000 / USD 7,500

Dental and Optical

Key Value Points

Worldwide cover (includes USA cover)
Two children under the age of ten are covered for FREE
Two children under the age of ten are covered for FREE
All occupations covered including hazardous professions
Extreme sports and professional athletes covered
No exclusion or sub-limit for congenital & hereditary conditions
Childbirth covered after 12 months waiting period
Option of continuing (switching) coverage from other providers


IHI Health Handbook 2018 International Health and Hospital Plan Product Information

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