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Schengen Travel Options

BUPA Schengen Travel plan offers protection if you have a sudden, unexpected illness or injury when travelling to a country within the Schengen area. The plan has been specially designed to meet the regulations set up by the European Union. According to these regulations, persons who apply for an entry visa to the Schengen area must prove that they have a valid medical travel insurance. The insurance must cover costs for emergency treatment, hospitalization, urgent ambulance transportation and medical evacuation back to the home country. The insurance amount must be at least EUR 30,000.

Schengen Travel complies with all these demands and covers you on all types of trips to the Schengen countries.

You can choose between different options, depending on how long and how often you travel to the Schengen area.

  • Single trip cover from three days up to 62 days.
  • Multiple trip cover within a 90 days, 182 days or 365 days period.

The benefits are the same for all options, only the period of cover and the premiums vary.

Plan Summary

Plan / Benefit Amounts Notes

Schengen Travel

EUR 30,000

Limit per trip per person



Ambulance transportation


Medical evacuation/repatriation


Statutory arrangements in case of death


Home transportation of the deceased


Outpatient treatment


Deductible applies

Key Value Points

Compliance with EU / Schengen legislation
Cover in all Schengen area countries
Direct settlement ability
Single or multiple trip option
Cover for all nationalities


Terms & Conditions

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